Hello, my name is Avry and I’m very proud to be representing Winnipeg, Manitoba in the Miss Teenage Canada pageant.

I’m 14 years old and grew up and still live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The past few months have been busy but exciting. After my interview with Michelle, I was proud to tell my family and friends that I was accepted to compete in Miss Teenage Canada 2019. I was selected for being very well spoken and having a great sense of who I am and what I believe in.

Cruising on the beautiful Red River in Winnipeg, Manitoba!

When I told my family about the pageant, they were skeptical at first. I’m proud to say I completely changed their whole perspective. Pageants to me are very beneficial. They can teach young girls better communication skills, how to build better friendships, confidence, public speaking skills and boost their ego!

I have been taught that family is the most important part of my life. My love for family has helped me discover who I want to be and how I want to change the world. I have chosen to be an advocate for elderly abuse and was involved in the World Elderly Abuse Awareness events in Winnipeg! My mom is my inspiration! Her love and passion as a geriatric nurse has inspired me to advocate!

My time spent with my family is important to me. I especially love mountain biking with my dad. My dad is quite the athlete and lucky for me I have long legs to keep up with him ?

My Dad and I mountain biking!

We also enjoy water sports as a family. Two years ago I was introduced to wake surfing behind the boat and absolutely loved it!

Through my journey as Miss Teenage Winnipeg, I have accomplished many things. My first step was a professional photoshoot with Brent Peters Photography. Then I organized a successful fundraising event and raised funds for the Children’s Wish Foundation. I also had the opportunity to attend many events during the World Elderly Abuse Awareness week in Manitoba.

My successful fundraising event!

I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Macaw Recovery Center. They have worked tirelessly to re-establish the population and ensure the long-term future of Scarlet and Great Green macaws in Costa Rica.

I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to compete in the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant. Can’t wait to meet all the delegates and make some unforgettable memories! This is a very special opportunity and I’m especially thankful to my mom for making this happen! Look for me on stage! I will be the one catching the crown ??

Written by: Avry