Hello my name is Mirella Aiello, but you can also call me Mimi for short. I am so excited to be representing Southern Manitoba for 2019!

The past few months of being crowned have been amazing! I have had the pleasure of going to fabulous community events and meeting so many inspiring people. I hope that in my region I can bring awareness to my platform of mental health and environmental issues.

I recently graduated High School with honours with an average of 90%, 2 diplomas, one for the English program in the province of Manitoba and one for visual and performing arts. I also received a full scholarship for the School of Contemporary Dancers and the Point Douglas Community Service award/scholarship from Councillor Vivian Santos.

I will be continuing my studies at the University of Winnipeg in the fall where I will be apart of the Integrated program working towards my Bachelor’s of the Arts and Bachelors of Education degrees with a major in english and a minor in biology or political science. I am very excited for this journey in my life because being a teacher has been a dream of mine and I love working with children. On top of being a full time university student I will also be attending the School of Contemporary dancers to continue my studies and passion for dance.

The month of June was recently proclaimed as Philippine Heritage month across Canada recognized by the Canadian government. I am very proud to be half Filipino, half Italian and have been born and raised in Canada.

Over the past few months I have been attending multiple festivities celebrating the Filipino culture through language, song, dance, fashion and of course, food!

Photo by: Nelson Nonni Dress: custom design of a “Terno” or “Filipiniana dress” a national costume of the Philippines

Here are some photos from some of the events I have attended. I will be blogging more in depth about specific events soon.

Picture creds: April Carandang @peggrammer
Picture creds: Arts and photography of C.Sta. Brigida

See you soon,

All love – Mirella

Miss Teenage Southern Manitoba 2019

Written by: Mirella