Today my flight for Toronto was at 8:45 am and was pretty rocky as well but at 12:00 I was landing in the Toronto Pearson Airport and Met Farrah Miss Teenage New Brunswick, and Mark one of our chaperons for the trip. From there they brought me to met all of the rest of the girls that flew into Toronto. It was so nice to finally meet all of the girls and not just see them on Instagram.

we took a shuttle and arrived at the place we were staying. There was a mix up with my rooms so my roommate and had to wait for a new from to be ready but we finally got settles in and I absolutely love my roomies a much?

We stayed in our rooms until we got a call for a pizza and PJ party. Here, I got to meet all of the girls and truly bond with all of them. We also got to meet the refining Miss teenage Canada, Kate and Miss world Canada 2018.

They told us their stories of how they got into pageants and also some tips for the week! Win or lose I’m here to have a great time, make friends and explore the city of Toronto.

This pageant will be my first official pageant ever and so far I’m having a blast! Can’t wait for tomorrow when we do our photo shoot and video shoot…. and also our interview… so nervous!

That’s all for now

Much love


Written by: Mirella