Ever since I was a little girl I always had a Strong connection and passion for dance and started when I was 4. I have done many styles such as ballet, tap, musical theatre, acro, hip hop, lyrical, and jazz. I was 7 when I went to my very first dance competition down in Minneapolis. I am a proud Ojibway indigenous Teenager and When I was 11 I started to learn how to shall dance, which is an indigenous female form of dancing. I danced at my first powwow when I was 12
and hope to get the chance to go again soon.

I enjoy painting, sewing, colouring and anything that has to do with arts and crafts. I love trying new things and would never give up a new opportunity. Recently I went camping and was given the chance to water ski for the first time and after 14 try’s I was able to make my way up and stay standing for some good time. I also went cliff jumping for the first time starting with a 10ft then 15ft and last but definitely not least a 20ft cliff which took me a little more convincing to do.

In elementary I would always join every club/sports teams to be involved and keep a positive mindset. In middle school I lead an indigenous club for people who want to learn about my culture and want to be in a safe place to smudge with sage. In highschool my goal is to get involved in as much as possible and be apart of the leadership committee. The highschool I am going to offers a special program where I get the chance to do 4 years of hair cosmetology, photography,  and graphics design. When I was 3 my dentist made a good impression to the point where I’ve wanted to become a dentist myself but growing up I slowly started leaning towards being an orthodontist.

yours truly -keira young


Written by: Keira