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My name is Flora Easter.


A little bit about me: I was born in Ekenas, Finland and share a Finish/Cree background. Growing up, I experienced a variety of cultures and was quickly introduced to a diverse group of people. My parents are both deaf and taught me Sign Language from a very early age. I was raised in a large family; I am the fourth child of six children. Some of my hobbies include writing, sewing, and doing art.


A Passion for Art


I was four years old and struggling to draw a little red wagon from a magazine when I first realized my love for art. It was the fascination of being able to create a mirage, something that did not exist in the real world, but on the page and in my imagination that hooked me into the arts. As time sprawled open, growing me from a young girl to a young woman, my love for art followed suit.
There was a delicate notion I held in my heart that I was simply meant to be an artist. People often suggested that because I was left-handed, I would be inertly good at drawing due to the surplus of left-handed artists in the world. My mother encouraged the idea that since my grandfather was an artist, the passion upon which I possessed was simply in my blood. I believed all of them. Their words became kindling to the fire that pursued me to carry on in the world of art.
I am mostly self-taught, taking the occasional art class at school. My inspiration is my ultimate teacher; the desire to create is my profound motivation. My paintings show evidence of admiration for artists like Monet and Leonardo da Vinci. It is apparent through the thick brush strokes and colouring of Claude, along with the technique of da Vinci.
On occasion, I like to participate in events showcasing my art. I have an upcoming exhibit at the Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This art show focuses on featuring human rights in art. My painting features the message for the need for clean water in the form of a melting iceberg.


The artwork holds many symbols within the scene. The hands are similar to those that Leonardo da Vinci painted in his work, ‘The Creation of Adam.’ Through the similarities, a bridge is built between the two stories behind each artwork. Leonardo da Vinci’s work describes the story of how God created everything in the world, solely for Adam to enjoy. My work tells the story of what Adam has done to it. There is smoke in the background quietly hinting at the pollution humans have introduced into the world.
In the ‘Creation of Adam,’ God reaches out his hand gifting Adam not only the world to live on but also the power of knowledge. In my artwork, Adam is handing what is left of the world he obtained to a child. This refers to the fact that children are our future.
This exhibit will take place during the summer. It brings me great pleasure to have the opportunity to present my art to the world. I hope to keep on pursuing art in my life and to enter more exhibits in the future.

Stay safe and well,


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