Hey everyone!

My name is Iesha, I am currently 17 years old and in grade 12.  I go to Garden City Collegiate and I am in french immersion. Outside of school I love to box and do yoga because I enjoy fitness and living an active lifestyle.  Despite my love for fitness I can probably eat more chocolate than anyone you have ever met, I adore kinder Bueno.

 I grew up in a very big and close Indian Canadian family. Even though I was bullied for the way my skin looked I learnt to love where I came from by embracing and celebrating diversity. My grandparents were immigrants from India and spoke more than one language. That motivated me to want to learn and study more languages, making me fluent in Punjabi,Hindi,French and english! After I am done with high school I want to further my education by going into law and obtaining a degree. I want to advocate for immigrants who are unable to advocate for themselves for reasons such as having a language barrier.  Aside from education I aspire to travel the world and help as many people as possible. 

My platform is diversity. Growing up I did not see a lot of women who looked like me in the media. I was often teased for being the only Indian female in my school. When I watched pageants such as Miss World and saw women who looked similar to me, it made me feel represented and gave me confidence. I never thought I could feel that confidence in real life, but I did when I joined Miss Teenage Canada. I want to be a representative for diversity and show young women it is ok to be your own kind of beautiful, whilst bringing awareness to current issues.

 I am very excited to meet all the beautiful ladies and make lots of new memories and friends! 



Written by: Iesha