I am both honoured and excited to be representing Manitoba in this year’s Miss Teenage Canada pageant.

I am currently enrolled at Fort Richmond Collegiate as a grade 12 student and will be graduating this coming June. I aspire to become a successful and productive member of society through work and education. One of my biggest passions in life is modelling and my great love for it brought me into the industry at the age of 12.

Throughout my modelling career I have set and accomplished many goals, and I have learned that as we grow, our goals change and evolve. I have found that to be true every year that passes. Some goals of mine that I have accomplished consist of:
gaining the title of Miss Teenage Manitoba and also having represented Manitoba in soccer at the Canada Summer Games; I am extremely proud to say that we placed first.
However, goals that I am still working towards include:
Getting a degree in criminal law and gaining a bigger audience for my platform.

The platform I have chosen to represent is body image. In this day and age with social media we often have a tainted view on what is “ideal”. We have apps like photoshop and face-tune that assist people in broadcasting an unrealistic, often unattainable beauty standard. Which not only influences young girls and boys but people of all ages who think they are doing something wrong. Which is why I have chosen this topic, to do my part in shedding light on the matter. To prove just how beautiful every shape, size and colour is.

I am truly ecstatic to meet all the marvellous ladies in this year’s Miss Teenage Canada pageant and In the words of the great Shania Twain “Let’s go girls”.

Written by: Tatiana