Kate here!

A few weeks ago at the beginning of June I got to participate in the Winnipeg Pride Parade. It was so much fun to be on a float, and show support for the pride community. It was such a fun day and I met some pretty amazing people.

The day started with prep for the parade, and getting on the floats. People began lining up to watch. The parade’s destination brought us to The Forks which is the heart of Winnipeg! There was lots of music and bright colours everywhere, with a huge turn out.

I read a quote on VSCO that read “the world has bigger problems than boys that kiss boys and girls that kiss girls.” I think that is so true. There is lack of education in some places, lack of water in others, poverty, global warming, and lack resources just to list a few.

Mental heath has had a big impact among the Pride community from factors such as bullying. People can be bullied for who they identify as, or who they love. What we need to do is raise awareness and make help more accessible. I will go more in depth about my platform of mental health awareness in another blog post as well as give reference to some helplines!

No one should be ashamed of who they love.  This day was so empowering and I am so glad I could participate and show support in honour of some of my friends and people close to me!

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