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I am so excited to talk about the the ALS walk finally! A few weeks ago there was a huge fundraiser in Assiniboine Park. The walk brings people together to raising money for a common cause, a cure for ALS and to support Canadians living with ALS. This is my second year being involved in the event. The last one I walked with my family and family friends. This year I was so honoured to be a volunteer guest.

I got to cheer on people as they started and finished the walk! I also met and talked to a lot of people! 40% of the money raised goes to research, and 60% of the money raised goes to client services!

The walk signifies what the disease is. It is a progressive neurodegenerative disease, that robs you of your ability to walk. Eventually it leads to the inability to talk, swallow, and breathe.

The event was able to raise more money than the last walk! This is amazing as it will make a difference in peoples live’s. This will hopefully help find a cure in the future! There are walks happening all across Canada, so if you want to participate or donate check out walkforals.ca !!! 



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