Hello! Kate here. This blog post is dedicated to something so close to my heart, as well my platform. I am so proud to share with you all, what I have been working on. 

My platform is mental health, but more specifically I am focused on bringing awareness towards mental health among youth, and the potential struggles youth face today that can effect their mental health. This includes topics such as body image, self worth, and of course bullying.

A few days ago I met with Stephen, and Charlotte who work at the Canadian Mental Health Association in Winnipeg. It has been such an honour to visit the CMHA and help spread word about all the amazing programs they offer. 

What CMHA Manitoba and Winnipeg do is promote the mental health of all Manitobans, as well as offer support and recovery plans for people experiencing mental illness. Did you know 70% of mental health problems begin during childhood adolescence? Did you know 75% of children with mental disorders do not access specialized treatment services? 

My mission is for young people to get access to these available resources. If I knew about the programs offered at CMHA years ago it could have made worlds of a difference. For me middle and high school was hard. I was bullied, sometimes it was so much I didn’t even want to go to school anymore. Classmates made fun of my appearance and the things I was into, like dancing and musical theatre. Having gone through this and not knowing what to do sparks my passion to help other people, and educate them on the resources that are so easily accessible.

I am so proud to help CMHA spread the word on all the amazing tools they have! I am blessed to be able to continuously learn from the amazing staff at the Winnipeg branch! CMHA offers so many courses for individuals and families. They have painting, to yoga, and journaling, as well as mental health education for families. This will equip families on how to support a loved one suffering mental illness! They even have a monthly game night! 

Not enough people know about CMHA and all the amazing things they do. I am so passionate about this topic which is why I will do everything I can to share with youth this amazing safe place! 2018 marks 100 years of the Canadian Mental Health Association, and I am so happy to be able to celebrate this by starting to talk. We need to start conversations about mental health. We must continue to work hard to fight the stigma around mental illness. Everyday should be mental health awareness day! 

There is such easy access to helplines, and they are all 24/7. 

Click the link below to see the emergency Manitoba helplines.



It starts with a conversation. 



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