For the Miss Teenage Canada pageant, the charity that I am
fundraising for is Free the Children or “WE”. Free the Children empower’s change with resources that create sustainable impact. They do this through domestic programs like WE Schools and internationally through WE Villages.The organization focuses on young people, with programs in Canada, the U.S. and U.K. for service learning and active citizenship, and international development projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America focused on children and education.The organization runs programs in approximately 10,000 schools in Canada, the U.S. and U.K. for service learning and active citizenship, with the aim of empowering youth to become socially engaged. WE does things like build schools in Kenya, help mom’s in 3rd world countries make a living for their families, create opportunities for people in countries like Haiti.

WE Schools, their educational program, is a model for youth empowerment that challenges young people to act with intention, and lead with compassion and the conviction that together we all can transform lives locally and globally.WE helps young people understand the issues and how they can help, and then provide them with the tools to take action and connect them to other like-minded change-makers, creating a global community bound by compassion.WE Schools combines unique curriculum, educational resources and action campaigns; it’s a movement of students and educators who believe that some of the most powerful learning experiences happen when you make a meaningful difference in your communities and for the world.

People making a difference is very important in the Miss Teenage Canada pageant. I strongly believe that if we all come together, we can make a huge and positive impact on not only the country, but the world. Your support and donations for this campaign would be very much appreciated. Thank you so much! The link to my fundraising site is below:

Thank you so much!

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