Taco TruckAs delegates in the Miss Teenage Canada competition, us ladies are always on the go. Yesterday, by the time we finished a close encounter with lion and tiger cubs at the Bowmanville Zoo, as well as a long bus ride following, all of us were exhausted and hungry. Luckily, we were taken to the Ritchtree Market Taco Truck in the Toronto Eaton Centre, and treated to a fantastic lunch!

The staff at the Ritchtree Market Taco Truck were absolutely amazing, as they had an assembly line that was fast, efficient and friendly. The first staff member would take yourMe & Taco Truck order, and the assembly of the meal would continue down the line. The menu included fish, chicken, beef, as well as vegetarian tacos and burritos. When I received my food, I couldn’t be happier! I chose the chicken tacos and was pleased to see that all the ingredients were crisp, fresh, and had an awesome kick of spice! Whereas franchised fast-food taco places focus on profit and speed, you could tell the Ritchtree Market taco truck focused on quality. It was a fabulous experience, and I’d definitely go back!

As this is my second time at Nationals, I’ve visited Toronto once before. Both times I’ve been to the Eaton Centre, anRitchtree Taco Truck Social Media Tagsd both times I’ve been jealous of the food selections at the Richtree Natural Market. With four locations across Ontario, the inspired menu items use all-natural, fresh, local and in-season ingredients, including antibiotic and hormone-free meats… Definitely tastier than your typical mall food! I I can only hope that Manitoba thinks of an innovative restaurant-market idea such as this sometime in the near future. Don’t forget to check out the Ritchtree Market taco truck’s social media handles, so you could check out their food for yourself!

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