Greetings from Toronto everyone! I made it and the search for Miss Teenage Canada has officially begun! How exciting!

Since you know I am a Regional Delegate from Manitoba and I couldnt be happier to represent our beautiful province when I arrived her on Sunday July 17th at 2pm! Once we arrive at our hotel which was the Airport Holiday Inn here in Toronto, we entered the waiting room where all the rest of the delegates were waiting. Let me tell you, I was a bit overwhelmed and intimidated but once I got a chance to meet the girls, that thought just flew out of my mind. Especially meeting my wonderful roommate, Anne, who is Miss Teenage Surrey from BC! Then from there we went up to our rooms to get ready for our first event as Miss Teenage Canada Delegates which was the Opening Ceremonies of the 2016 Search for Miss Teenage Canada 2016. I was feeling really excited because as a girl, I love any reason to glam up and also it was start of our journey to the Miss Teenage Canada 2016.

The party was so fun and upbeat, every corner of the room was filled with goodies and fun activities our wonderful sponsors provided us with! I was also happy to be able to reunite with my Manitoba girls and enjoy this experience with them. Being there I just felt so blessed and honoured that we were all chosen to compete for this coveted title. Now this week isnt always about work and stress because that party was an example of that. Everyone was relaxed and just having a great time. We got to eat some pizza and cake, who could go wrong with that? And I also witnessed a captivating game of 1 hole mini golf where some of the delegates showed off their skills. I was also happy to have met the reigning Miss Teenage Canada, the beautiful Sarah Wocjik.

Thank you again to all the sponsors who were so generous that made our opening ceremonies a success! We wouldnt be here without the help of these amazing sponsors. Please keep staying tuned for more blogs from me and to hear my experience from nationals! Thank you for reading until this point and all the support and love! I wouldnt be here without you guys! Until next time!

With love,

xo Denisse

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