What is a platform?

“A pageant platform is a cause that a contestant chooses to volunteer her time to either bring awareness to, raise money, or implement a program she has created that will help address a problem.” -winningthroughpageantry.com

It actually took me quite a while to come up with my platform. The first one I chose was congenital heart disease in animals and humans, because I personally felt like the topic wasn’t talked about enough and most people don’t know that animals can have congenital heart disease too. However, I had a very hard time finding any charities that supported this cause, and over time I realized that my true passion was in a different topic. I knew I wanted my platform to involve animals, because that topic is very close to my heart. After a few months of going back and forth from topic to topic in my head, I finally decided to make a decision. So I did some research and brainstormed some ideas with friends and family, and I finally came to a solid decision of what I wanted my platform to be. I am so happy about my decision and can’t wait to finally announce it.

Save a Life-Opt to Adopt your Pet from a Local Animal Shelter

My platform encourages people to adopt their pets from animal shelters for a number of important reasons that I believe society should be more conscious and aware of.
Puppy mills are businesses who breed and “raise” animals in terrible conditions. They leave them alone for days at a time in small cages along with hundreds of other animals. These animals have no human companionship and after their fertility wanes, the breeding animals are killed, abandoned or sold to another mill. This is why inbred animals that you can buy at your local pet store often have behavioral and physical problems.

Don’t be fooled by pet stores. Make sure that before you buy your animals that the pet store is not supporting the puppy mill industry. As soon as you buy your animal from a pet store, they are replaced by another animal just like the last one, which makes the puppy mill breed more animals and supports that awful business. This needs to stop, and I don’t think many people know where their beloved pets are really coming from. Some pet stores get their animals from shelters, and it will usually specify on a label or identification tag if they are from a rescue. If you are not sure, then go directly to a shelter to buy your pet. There are millions of animals, many of which have spent their entire life in a cage at these shelters waiting to be adopted and they are usually not inbred, so will have better health in the long run.

Unless you personally visit the place where your animal was born and where their parents live, the animal is likely from a puppy mill unless their identification tag says otherwise.

Save a Life: Opt to Adopt your Pet from a Local Animal Shelter.

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