A few days ago I got to travel up north to Gillam, and Thompson Manitoba. My day started by waking up early to catch my flight (and of course some Tim Horton’s was involved.) The flight was long, but we finally arrived in Gillam, Manitoba. Gillam is located in the Northern region of Manitoba along the Nelson river, it is very close to Churchill, which I have also visited.

I love visiting up North and the Arctic regions. Seeing the polar bears, and the different scenery is so cool. Who knew one province could vary so much in scenery. Everywhere in Manitoba is so different, and its so cool to visit and learn about the places.

Anyways, after our short but sweet stop in Gillam we arrive in Thompson. You are probably wondering why I am travelling up north. Well you see, Calm Air was hosting a community day in Thompson. I was so lucky to be able to volunteer.

We had a bbq, bouncy castles, face painting, and of course a snow cone machine. I was playing with the kids, and watching over the bouncy castles. I made so many little friends it was so much fun. The event went by way to fast!

When everybody left we cleaned everything up and went out for supper with the other volunteers. We went to this really popular burger and hotdog place in Thompson called Popeye’s. If you ever find yourself up north in Thompson I strongly recommend you try it!

It was an amazing day of celebrating the community and I am so thankful for this opportunity (even if the airplane ride consisted of very bad turbulence.) I love travelling around Manitoba, because there is defiantly more to see than just Winnipeg.

Lots of love

-Kate xoxo


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