Today I wanted to just make a quick post about something that is important to me. I recently just registered for my classes for fall and thats why I decided to sit down and just talk about it. For those who dont know Im in university and recently gotten accepted into the Faculty of Education at University of Winnipeg. I can honestly tell you Ive never been so excited to start school. I guess thats what happens when you truly enjoy what youre doing.

But let me tell you, that wasnt always my first decision. Coming out of High School I had my mind set on something in the medical field because thats what I grew up thinking I would do and theres nothing wrong with that. But experiencing university was a lot different for me than high school. I learned that you learn more about yourself and what your real interests and strengths are. You dont stop growing once youve graduated, no matter how old you are you are still growing and learning new things in life and about yourself.

So when I got accepted into Education this year after a long time of playing the waiting game, I just felt such an overwhelming happiness and especially relief. For awhile I felt I was stuck with no where to go because everything was always unsure until I finally got this reassurance that I was going in the right path. I know I am young and still have a long way to go but its nice to feel like Im working towards something. Everyone is meant to do something in their life and this just felt right for me.

Education has always been an important thing in my life and also my familys life. My inspiration for that is my grandma. I wont go into too detail just cause it will be a long post but long story short it was something important to her that she wasnt really able to experience fully. So because of that she made it a goal that when she had children that all of them would finish university and get that degree. She always told me how important it is to take school seriously and to do your best so that you will have a better future for not only for yourself but if you decide to have a family one day. It has always stuck to me especially since my grandma always wanted to be a teacher which she never was able to. But she is a teacher to me and all her kids and grandchildren because she has instilled in us so much knowledge and life lessons that you cant just get anywhere else. And for that I dedicate my goal to become a teacher to her because she inspires me in so many ways possible. Shes so independent and strong considering she raised four kids on her own and put them all through school. She is a true example of Hard work does pay off.

As I make my way to become a teacher, I also want to make a difference. Thats why I revolved my platform on mental health catering especially to the education part of it and really making it apart of the curriculum in Canada. I have this vision and goal that by the time I graduate and start my teaching career in a couple years, that there will be mental health education as part of the curriculum that I will get to teach one day. I know it wont be easy but I will do my best to make it there and hopefully by some help and support, we can all work together and get there. Then maybe all of our hard work to make that difference, will pay off.

Thank you to everyone for reading this blog post that has always been something I wanted to talk about for awhile. Im new to being a blogger but Im slowly coming out of my shell and being exposed to more ways to give my help for those who need! Please stay tune for more posts like this! Ive always wanted a blog so this is kind of a dream come true as well. Take care everyone and I hope you all had wonderful day!

With love,

xo Denisse

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Happy Canada day everyone! I know Im a little late on this but I just wanted to sit down and talk to you guys about my wonderful province and Canada! Lately there has been some negative news on tv that keeps breaking my heart. It really gives you a perspective of how blessed you are that those things are not happening to you and how you shouldnt take that for granted.

As for me, I love living in my province of Manitoba, let alone Canada itself! When I became Miss Teenage Manitoba I did appreciate everything around me before but it has also opened me up to a new perspective. As Miss Teenage Manitoba, you get opportunities to participate in things that you never really thought about participating in. It gives you a push to go even farther than youve already have. It pushes me to be more involved and really use the platform I was blessed enough to be given and make the most of it.

I would like to share some of the things I was able to be apart of in my home city and province. The downtown area are where most of the things that happen in Winnipeg and which is also where I live currently for those who dont know! But Manitoba overall, has a lot of of events that happen throughout the year especially in summer.

The things that I recently were apart of were Kids Fest, Pride Winnipeg, and KIK Picnic to name a few and all of them were happening at the Forks. There are tons of places to visit in Manitoba but one of the main attractions tourists should visit is The Forks in Winnipeg. Most city events happen in that area thats why its such a nice place to visit when you are in town.

The Forks is one of my favourite places to go in Winnipeg. It is a bunch of different old buildings that was made into kind of market that have a bunch of little boutiques, restaurants, and even entertainment. Its definitely a go to place if you want to do and see fun things when youre in Winnipeg! Here is the quote from The Forks Website so I dont get anything wrong to give you the exact definition what The Forks is all about The Forks, Winnipeg’s meeting place. Nestled in the heart of downtown, The Forks is one of Winnipeg’s most beloved places, at the junction of the Assiniboine and mighty Red rivers.
We’ve been a meeting place for over 6,000 years. Early Aboriginal peoples traded at The Forks, followed by European fur traders, Métis buffalo hunters, Scottish settlers, riverboat workers, railway pioneers and tens of thousands of immigrants.
Today, framed by the banks of the two rivers, The Forks is Winnipeg’s number one tourist destination with more than four million visitors annually.
Winter, spring, summer or fall, The Forks is a must for a stunning array of dining experiences, incomparable shopping, a constantly changing slate of entertainment and events, and many unique attractions that encompass the site’s natural, historic and man-made features.
If you want to learn more about The Forks, please call 1.888.942.6302 or go their website 🙂

Manitoba overall is such a diverse province that celebrates all kinds of cultures. Thats what I love because everyone is very open to learning about new cultures and accepting what they have to offer. Another event that happens in Winnipeg that celebrates diversity is Folkarama that is coming soon! And Canada overall celebrates diversity and encourages you to embrace your Canadian identity but also to not forget your root heritage as well which is pretty amazing if you ask me.

So if youre ever in Manitoba please check out those wonderful events in places! Theres tons of places to go in Manitoba and Canada! Be proud of who you are, where you come from, and remember to treat everyone with love and respect no matter what! The world is always better in peace ❤️

Thank you everyone who continue to read my blog! I will try to keep making more as I can! Have a wonderful day 🙂

With love,

xo Denisse

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Hello everyone again! Let me tell you, it has been a blast so far being Miss Teenage Manitoba! Its been over a month since I was crowned and its been a whirlwind. Let me tell you about it from the very start!


So Ill take it back to coronation night, a night Ill never forget. Now this would be my very first pageant so I really went into this not really knowing what to expect. I was super nervous and scared I wouldnt fit in. That wasnt the case at all! I met the most friendly and talented young girls! We had so much fun working together to perfect our walks and building that confidence. They were all so supportive of one another thats why in the end it never felt like a competition. These girls proved that pageants arent all about the exterior beauty like some stereotypes out there say but what really counts is your inner beauty and who you are as a person. Each one of these girls were very inspiring in their platforms and were girls you can keep as friends for a lifetime.The whole weekend was one of the best experiences Ive ever had. We got to experience learning how to walk, how to talk in our interviews, and really pushing out that confidence each one of us had. We also learnt a fun dance in two days I may add, from Tiffany, who was a great teacher! She made sure us girls were able to keep and up and made sure we looked our best! We also got so much valuable advice from the past Manitoba winners such a Courtney, Kyla, Devon, Mikaela, Cheyenne, Kaylyn, Carrington, and Kaitlyn, and also Michelle who is the Miss Teenage Canada director. They all were great enough to share their Miss Teenage Canada experiences and some wise words for us to take when head to Toronto to compete for Miss Teenage Canada.

So as the big night came around faster than I expected, I was really nervous. I know we all worked really hard so regardless of the outcome, we were all going to be happy for each other. The adrenaline I felt that night was different from how I ever felt before. Growing up, as a little girl I only watched pageants like Miss Universe, only dreaming that one day I will be able to do something like that. It was crazy standing with all the other girls, thinking in my head, I made it. From the start of the day of learning the rest of our dance and getting all ready and glammed up, everything just flew by until the show started and we were waiting backstage to do our opening number. From there everyone of us just went out there and did our best for our friends and family who came to support us.

Being crowned Miss Teenage Manitoba was a dream come true and having my family and friends be there just made everything perfect. If you told me a year ago that I wouldve been able to experience all of this, I really wouldnt have believed you. I grew up joining singing competitions or going to auditions and got really discouraged because I never won or got the part. So it really was a big step for me to join this pageant and really put myself out there. With the help of my parents who whenever I would lose, would always tell me to just be patient and that God had something else in store for me. In between those years I just worked on my self confidence and skills so I can be ready to take on something like this. It truly is a blessing to have this opportunity to represent my wonderful province in Miss Teenage Canada next month. I cant thank enough all the people who have supported me through this and who continues to support me all the way. I have so much love for all those people who never stopped believing in me!

As I have mentioned in my previous post, during my year I will do my best to make the most of it and really spread awareness about the platform I have chosen which is promoting mental health education in schools. This is something I know a lot of the youth have been really pushing and I want to help those who really believe in it as well. The youth should never feel that they are alone and not be afraid to share whatever they are feeling. Each one of you who feel like you cant reach out to anyone through your rough times, please know there are people who love and care about you and will always be willing to listen and be there! Dont give up on yourself and make sure you always give yourself a good mental break when life can get out of hand. Please join me in support of mental and in hopes we can make a difference not just this year, but for continuing years to come.

So the journey has only begun and I cant wait to share this experience with each and everyone of you! Thank you all again for the support and stay tuned for what else is to come!

With love,

Denisse xo

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Hello everyone! Im so honoured to be your new Miss Teenage Manitoba 2016. I look forward for this year ahead and to represent my wonderful province, Manitoba, in this years Miss Teenage Canada. I cant wait for the experiences this year has to offer and to share this exciting journey with you all! Now I think its only fair that you and whoever decides to read this blog would get a chance to know me a little better!

To start off, Im your average teenage girl who tries my best to stay true to me. I still love to hangout with my family and watch netflix, or go out with my friends and get all dolled up. I am terrified of spiders and would love to travel the world someday. Im also a foodie, which is basically short for those who just enjoy different type of food. I goof around and make a fool of myself sometimes, but in the end of the day, who doesnt right? Thats what I learned throughout this whole process is the only key to true success if you keep yourself grounded and never be anything youre not. You have to love yourself for who you are first before you worry about how anyone else thinks of you.

So to take it back to my roots, I reside in my hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba but for those who dont know, I was born in the Philippines but migrated here when I was three. I am a witness to this great country we live in for letting immigrants like my family and I, to have a better life. I live in a family of four which is myself, my sister, and my mom and dad. We have a small family but that only allows us to be so close. Weve always valued family as being first before anything because in the end, those are the people who you can turn to through your highs and lows. I wouldnt be where I am without my number one support system.

I am nineteen years old and I am currently attending University of Winnipeg in the Faculty of Education to become a teacher. Growing up, working with kids has always become a passion of mine. I enjoy witnessing kids and teens youthful minds and their own imagination because it inspires me to look at life with positivity and perseverance. Teaching wasnt my first option after graduating high school but I learned you always know in your heart if what youre doing feels right or not. For high school, I studied at two different high schools which were St. Boniface Diocesan High school and also, Garden City Colliegate, where I enjoyed the performing arts as my extracurricular activities. Throughout high school I was able to maintain being honour roll while involving myself with these activities. My favourites were being apart of the musical, a vocal jazz group called The Groove, and the dance group called Reality Check. Being apart of all of this really made me grow into the person I am today and really gave me friends that Ill have for a lifetime. Nothing feels better when you get to be with people who have the same passion as you so they can help bring out the best in yourself.

Throughout my reign, I am striving to really make that difference and be that role model for young adults. I would like to be able to use my title in promoting mental health education in our schools. Its a topic that is not usually talked about until something happens which I would like to change. I want to be able to get rid of that stigma of the youth being afraid to speak out and ask for help. I know a lot of young adults my age are already fighting to push this cause and I really want to help shed some light on their hardwork. Every youth needs to know someone is always there to look out for them and be there if they need because they are truly loved. I believe this can happen if we really come together and speak out on what needs to happen. Id love if all my readers would join me in support of mental health education being apart of the schools curriculum. Change is possible if everyone comes together and work as a team. Love for each other can really help most of our societys social problems more than people think.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who has supported me and continue to support me throughout this whole journey. I wouldnt have been able to do it without the love and encouragement from all those people who mean the most. I would also like to thank Miss Teenage Canada for giving and trusting me with this blessing of being Miss Teenage Manitoba.

Please stay tuned for more blogs because this is only the beginning! Thank you for reading until the end of this blog! 🙂

Peace & love,

Denisse xo

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11173408_756954824421939_2618255158424472823_nWow. It seems unbelievable, but the night is here. Tonight, I will hand off my title of Miss
Teenage Manitoba to another lucky lady. Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting all the contenders, and helped train them to prepare for tonight’s final event. This whole weekend is bittersweet, as I’ve come to realize that a year full of personal accomplishments and new experiences is finally coming to a close. Throughout my year as a titleholder, I feel as I’ve learned so much about myself and the world around me. I’m proud of the person I’ve become within the past year, and look forward to seeing how I grow in the future.

Winning the title of Miss Teenage Manitoba has been life-changing. I remember standing on stage after being crowned, crying because I was overwhelmed with emotions. For me, this event was so much more that a beauty pageant. It was an opportunity for myself to set a goal, work towards it, and achieve something I thought was unattainable. Because of my title, I’ve made friends across the country, organized and attended charity events that garnered the attention of local media, had a ton of fun, and became a more active member in my community!


Choosing a favourite event is definitely something hard to do. Over the year I’ve met people such as Marc and Craig Kielburger, founders of Free the Children Charity, as well as Mayor Bruce Henley of West St Paul. The events I did in my community were Canada DAynumerous, and definitely memorable. The time Miss Teenage Winnipeg Mikaela Mendez and I hosted the Canada Day Ceremonies at the Sunova Centre in West St Paul was definitely one of my favourites! Because of my title, I’ve also received perks such as a “behind the scenes” tour at the Assiniboine Park Zoo. I’d be lying if I said these perks weren’t a bonus of being a titleholder! By far however, my favourite event was being the keynote speaker at Youth Awards Day for the Girl Guides of Manitoba this past month.

At this event, I gave a fifteen minute speech to an audience of 150 young women, all receiving awards for their achievements in the community. I spoke about female empowerment, the importance of supporting each other as strong, confident females, and how being your own kind of beautiful is the best thing you can be. Being able to speak to all these young women was a blessing, and I felt excited to finally be part of a public speaking engagement. As public speaking is the career path I wish to take, it definitely felt good to dip my feet in the water.


11836823_711569138975902_1239953311288781385_nTo all the girls that are crowned tonight, be ready for a crazy (in a good way) week in Toronto. You’ll see tourist attractions and be on television, but above all, meet some amazing people. Through the Miss Teenage Canada experience I’ve made some great friendships with people across the country! Gracie, my roommate for the week at Nationals is someone I’m still very close with, and look forward to visiting this summer in
11800498_711564338976382_4969062013329919959_nSaskatchewan! From Newfoundland to British Columbia, I’m happy to hold good relationships with so many of the girls. If I could only give one piece of advice for the upcoming titleholders, it would be to go into Nationals with an open mind. Despite popular belief, 99.9% of the girls aren’t catty, and almost every girl has never been in a pageant before! With so many genuine, beautiful girls, I’ve decided that I would never want to be a judge on Finals night… It would simply be too hard to choose!


To all the Manitoban delegates competing in this weekend’s pageant, good luck to you all. You are all beautiful inside and out, andI’m so happy to have met you yesterday! I remember feeling nervous, being in your shoes almost one year ago. Here are two simple rules that will hopefully make the whole experience more enjoyable:

  1. BE YOURSELF! I know this sound cliche, but the judges aren’t looking for a specific “type” of girl. You could see an example of this through the past Miss Teen Canada titleholders. Channing Smendziuk, Miss Teenage Canada 2010 (Manitoba represent)! is a brunette who does ballet. Lauren Howe, Miss Teenage Canada 2011 is a blonde who plays field hockey. Megha Sandhu, titleholder from the first year I competed is East Indian in descent, and did stand-up comedy as her talent. Sarah Wojcik, Miss Teenage Canada 2015 stood at 5’3″, and broke boundaries by being the first non-provincial titleholder to win the National title. As long as you are confident in who you are as a person, the judges will notice this and see all your other amazing qualities shine through.
  2. HAVE FUN! Looking back, the Miss Teen Manitoba pageant was one of my most fond memories to date. Although it is a competition, don’t let that stop you from having fun, making friends with the other delegates, as well as memories to last a lifetime. Embrace this experience for all it’s worth, as I’m sure by now you realize that the weekend goes by very quickly!


Writing my last paragraph as Miss Teenage Manitoba, for one last time I wanted to thank A THANKSall the amazing people that have helped me throughout my journey. Winning the title of Miss Teenage Manitoba was only the beginning of hurdles I had to jump along my journey to Nationals. To my friends and family, thank you for supporting my dreams along the way, backing me with your endless love and support. To the following sponsors, I thank you. Without the help of your funds and services, there is no way Nationals would have been possible.

Thank you to my readers as well. I have truly enjoyed writing these posts! There are so many elements involved in being a successful titleholder, but I can easily say blogging has been one of my favourite things to do. I can only dream that you see my writing again someday, but in a larger way.  Whether it be my own novel, CNN journalist column, or sports broadcast report, I will continue to pursue my dreams. I can only hope that you will do the same!

Much love,


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Hello everyone! I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. In all honesty, I took a step back from the pageant world after Nationals, having worked unbelievably hard in the months leading up to the competition and being extremely let down by the results of the weeklong event.

Since then, I’ve taken time to experience life more, and take in all the opportunities that this wonderful world has to offer me! I traveled to St. John’s, Newfoundland for a lovely IMG_0789vacation, resumed my intensive joint program at the University of Winnipeg and Red River College to further my dreams of becoming a sports broadcast journalist, picked up a weekly volunteer position at the Children’s Hospital of Winnipeg, and continue to work three (yes, three) jobs! In addition to this, I celebrated my 20th birthday in November, and have been named an ambassador for Mother’s Against Drunk Driving (The organization I’ve been working with for to support my platform). Needless to say, the past five months have flown by for me!

FullSizeRenderThough I haven’t been as active through social media as I would’ve liked to been in the past months, my appearances at events throughout the community definitely haven’t stopped! During the last week of August, I attended an event at the Assiniboine Park Zoo called “Wildest Dreams”. For this event, the Zoo partnered with CancerCare Manitoba Foundation, The Salvation Army, St. Amant Foundation, MaryMound, The Dream Factory, Art City, SMD Foundation, Variety: The Children’s Charity of Manitoba, and MuIMG_0752scular Dystrophy Canada to identify children facing health and/or socio-economic challenges, who would benefit mo
st from a once in a lifetime interactive zoo experience! After greeting guests at the gate with the Winston, the Zoo’s mascot, I was offered to take part in the festivities as well. During my adventures I befriended a miniature pony named Princess. A perfect match, right?! Needless to say, my time spent at Wildest Dreams was definitely a memorable event.

In November I attended the 2nd annual Princess Ball, in support of Cystic Fibrosis. On this day, I got to dress up in a wonderful ball gown (which just so happened to double as my graduation dress from three years ago), and spend an afternoon at a ballroom in the12628595_596346087187935_666917181487188849_o Fort Garry Hotel with my fellow titleholders Miss Teenage Eastman, Miss Teenage Winnipeg, and Miss Teenage Central Manitoba. The Princess Ball is day where young girls are invited to step into a dream, forget about their worries, and dress up as a princess for the day! They are then able to dance, do crafts, eat cupcakes, and make new friends with the 30+ volunteers, who are dressed head to toe in their best “princess gear” as well. It was truly amazing to see all the smiles on the faces of the young kids. One of my favourite moments was when a young girl grabbed me by the pinkys, started to dance, and said “I’ve always wanted to meet a real princess.” It is these moments that make all the hard work of being a titleholder absolutely worthwhile!

The following day a group of titleholders went to Winnipeg We Day! We Day is a celebration of youth making a diffe12249585_750276495105166_1648345398504829659_nrence in their local and global communities, created in 2007 by Free the Children founders Mark and Craig Kielburger. We Day is the call that brings a generation together. We Day is the movement of our time, inspiring a generation to act. Fuelled by the desire for change, and the hope that the world can be a better place, We Day is inspiring. On this day, over 16 000 change-makers gathered in the MTS Centre, to mark the 5th anniversary of Winnipeg We Day.

Since the other Manitoban delegates and I all raised money for Free The Children as requirements for the Nationals, we were treated with Honoured Guest seating in a suite close to the stage! There, we received gift bags, a catered lunch and the opportunity to bump into a few of the speakers after the show. To me, the most inspirational speaker of the day was deaf actress and activist, Marlee Matlin. Known for her portr11-MelanieShieldsPhotographyOttawa-1466ayal of Melody Bledsoe on the ABC hit series Switched at BirthMatlin used American Sign Language (ASL) to share with the audience how, despite her inability to hear, she’s always worked for her dreams, and hasn’t allowed barriers get in the way of who she’s always wanted to become. I found this so inspirational, as I’ve chosen a career path that will have bumps along the way as well. Though a very small percentage of television sports broadcasters are female, I know that with hard work and dedication, I’ll be able to achieve whatever career goals I put my mind to!

After the day ended, one of Marlee’s quotes truly stuck with me. As her interpreter spoke into the microphone, she signed “The real handicap of being deaf isn’t in my ears, it’s in my mind… barriers come from minds of those who want to handicap you.” I came to realize that, deaf or not, this quote is true for anyone trying to pursue their dreams. In your life, there will always be people who tell you you’re not good enough, or not “the right fit” for whoever you desire to become. Like Marlee, we all have to push back and tell ourselves “Yes. We are good enough.” Once the moment comes where you start to truly believe in yourself, other people will follow.

In December, I was happy to join forces with Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Commission, to promote the sale of five different non-alcoholic beverages at liquor marts across Manitoba. This was an exciting opportunity for a8391e_b0567368b5bc49babc78227462952df6.jpg_srz_810_508_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzme, as I was able to hand out samples of alcohol-free champagne, beer, mojitos, as well as red and white wine during the holiday season. Though drinking can be part of a good time, driving drunk is not. These beverages provide designated drivers with the option to drink with their friends, but stay safe and sober while doing so! I’m proud to say that the trial run provided a high success rate, and that these beverages are now readily available at Liquor Marts across the province.

Over the final two months of my reign, I look forward to all the exciting opportunities that await me. Stay tuned, as I have some exciting events occurring in the next few weeks. Though I’m extremely saddened to give away my title in mid-May, I’m proud of the things I’ve accomplished over this past year. As a celebration, a week after handing off my crown I’ll be travelling to Eastern Europe for a three week adventure of a lifetime! I’m excited, and cannot wait to add to the list of countries I’ve visited already.

Happy March everyone, stay tuned until next time!


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Happy Saturday everyone! I hope each and every one of my reader’s is having a fabulous Lion Encounterstart to their weekend. The past two days of Nationals have been full of fun events, but definitely busy. On Thursday, the Miss Teenage Canada delegates were treated to a surprise at the Bowmanville Zoological Park, as we received a close encounter experience with the zoo’s two newest cubs, a lion and tiger whom were both under 6 months of age! It was absolutely amazing to see these animals interact with one another, as well as being given the chance to interact with them. Afterwards I had a ring-tailed lemur jump from the zookeeper’s shoulder onto my own… Definitely a lot of fun!

After exploring the zoo for an hour, we loaded back onto the bus and headed to the Toronto Eaton Centre for lunch. The 2015 Miss Teenage Canada delegates were treated to a fresh, fantastic lunch, supplied by the Ritchtree MarketToronto Sign Taco Truck… I had the chicken tacos, and they were fantastic! Following this, a group of the girls were selected to do a promo for the Miss Teenage Canada video advertisement. As one of the two girls that went from Manitoba, the group of us walked through the underground tunnel of the Eaton Centre and eventually came up right near the “Toronto” sign that was advertised throughout this year’s PanAm Games! It was fun to be outside and take photos with my fellow delegates.

YorkdaleAfter leaving the Toronto Eaton Centre, the two busses filled of Miss Teenage Canada delegates headed to our next destination… Yorkdale Mall! Each delegate was generously given a $10 gift card to Yorkdale Mall, as well as a VIP shopping experience card. As there is so many delegates in the pageant this year, a mall sponsor of any kind is greatly appreciated! I enjoyed browsing through stores such as Top Shop and Zara, since we don’t have these located in Winnipeg.

The running around done at the mall caused all of us delegates to develop an appetite once more… As the bus rolled up to Medieval Times, I was excited for a new experience. Medieval Times is dinner and a show, where you’re taken back to the 15th century. All of the staff is dressed in medieval clothing, including people who are dressed as kings, queens, knights, jesters, and servants. As youmedieval enter the “competition ring” and take your seat, knights on horses ride into the stadium and follow a storyline as they begin duelling each other swords, shields, and other medieval weapons. Throughout the show, “servants” serve you food… The catch? People in medieval times didn’t use cutlery, so we couldn’t either! The four courses served were all eaten without utensils. Soup was sipped from the bowl, chicken, potatoes and corn were eaten with your hands, and dessert? You got it! Eaten with your hands. The show was quite interesting, and though it wasn’t something I ever had desired to see before, the experience was enjoyable and something I’d definitely recommend for family fun or birthday parties.

Following our trip to Medieval Times, it was back to the hotel we went. We were all thrilled to hear we were able to sleep in until 9am the next morning, which is definitely considered “sleeping in” during pageant week! We needed the rest, as the following evening was preliminaries.

The hours leading up to prelims was jam-packed with activities! Swimsuits were being fitted, shoes were being fixed, rehearsals were being done, and hair and makeup was being completed. For those of you who had always wondered how the Top 20 are determined, it’s a variety of things leading up to finals night. Your attitude, charitable contributions, blogging, platform reprPrelimsesentation, as well as your evening gown and swimsuit score from preliminaries night are all taken into account… In other words, prelims are a big deal! The evening began with swimwear, and boy was it fun. I attempted to gather ll of the Manitoban representatives for a photo beforehand… Though we missed two of the gals, I was so proud of the work we had all put into our fitness in order to get the bodies the way we were on the night of preliminaries! Following swimwear, we moved into the evening gown segment of the show.  This was my favourite part of the evening, as I got to see everyone’s evening gowns for the first time. I always find it so interesting to see the wide variety of gowns selected, that all represent a person’s personality and style! After my graceful evening walk, it was time to change and eat some supper. As it was 11:30pm, I was definitely ready for food and bed!

Day five and six of Nationals were tiring, but definitely enjoyable and memorable experiences!  I cannot wait to see what the next few days bring me.

Until next time,


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Taco TruckAs delegates in the Miss Teenage Canada competition, us ladies are always on the go. Yesterday, by the time we finished a close encounter with lion and tiger cubs at the Bowmanville Zoo, as well as a long bus ride following, all of us were exhausted and hungry. Luckily, we were taken to the Ritchtree Market Taco Truck in the Toronto Eaton Centre, and treated to a fantastic lunch!

The staff at the Ritchtree Market Taco Truck were absolutely amazing, as they had an assembly line that was fast, efficient and friendly. The first staff member would take yourMe & Taco Truck order, and the assembly of the meal would continue down the line. The menu included fish, chicken, beef, as well as vegetarian tacos and burritos. When I received my food, I couldn’t be happier! I chose the chicken tacos and was pleased to see that all the ingredients were crisp, fresh, and had an awesome kick of spice! Whereas franchised fast-food taco places focus on profit and speed, you could tell the Ritchtree Market taco truck focused on quality. It was a fabulous experience, and I’d definitely go back!

As this is my second time at Nationals, I’ve visited Toronto once before. Both times I’ve been to the Eaton Centre, anRitchtree Taco Truck Social Media Tagsd both times I’ve been jealous of the food selections at the Richtree Natural Market. With four locations across Ontario, the inspired menu items use all-natural, fresh, local and in-season ingredients, including antibiotic and hormone-free meats… Definitely tastier than your typical mall food! I I can only hope that Manitoba thinks of an innovative restaurant-market idea such as this sometime in the near future. Don’t forget to check out the Ritchtree Market taco truck’s social media handles, so you could check out their food for yourself!

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Good evening everyone! Yesterday was Day 4 in Toronto, and personally I think it was the best day yet. As many of my readers already know, travelling is a huge part of my life. 2015-08-05 08.38.37I view every place I visit as an opportunity to experience something new! Sightseeing throughout Toronto today was definitely something I enjoyed.
The morning started off bright and early, as Gracie & I woke up at 6:50am, out the door and ready to be loaded onto the bus by 7:30. After a quick 15 minute bus ride, the 81 other delegates and I arrived at Egglicious Cafe, an all day breakfast diner! Swapping out crowns for our Miss Teenage Canada hats today, I walked into the small establishment amongst a sea of pink… There were so many delegates that we filled the whole restaurant! After a lovely breakfast of hashbrowns, grilled vegetables and eggs we headed back onto the bus and made our way to Port Credit Pier!

Port Credit Pier is an absolutely beautiful area where boats could dock and launch from. Icredit pier couldn’t resist taking a picture with the beautiful, blue, Credit River water behind me! Following this, we traveled to an open space in a nearby park, where all 82 of us lined up in rows and watched as Marc Gagnon (one of chaperones for the trip) taught us our swimsuit runway choreography! Being able to work the “runway” out in the fresh air was fantastic, and the people walking by who paused to catch a glimpse of our rehearsal was good practice, as come preliminaries on Friday night we’ll all be showing off to a crowd much bigger than that!

Next, the Miss Teenage Canada delegates boarded the bus and drove to the Mississauga Canoe Club, the place of our 3rd destination! The evening before, delegates were told to bring swimsuits, casual clothes and our hats, because we might be getting wet! After hours upon hours of debate, the plan was finally revealed to us… Miss Teenage Canada 2015 delegates were going to learn how to dragon boat! For those of you who don’t know, dragon boating is a human-powered watercraft, that usually holds 20 paddlers in a long, slim boat. In addition, there’s a drummer to keep beat and yell out when the team should Dragon Boatingrow together (on the count of “1, 2, 3, 4”) plus a team member called the “Cox”, who stands at the back of the boat and steers in the direction their team is required to go.
Fun fact: A dragon boat is a boat of traditional Chinese design. They’re given their name due to the fact that these boats are usually decorated to resemble dragons! After being given a quick lesson, 21 of us at a time took off onto Credit River for a wonderful hour of dragon boating. This was something I had never done before, but since experiencing it would definitely take the opportunity to try it out again! A barbecue for the delegates and opportunity to relax in the sun after boating was the perfect afternoon for me.

Following our trip to the Mississauga Canoe Club, we boarded our respective busses and were told to settle in for an hour and a half bus ride… Thogh I usually don’t like being in loud, moving vehicles for that long of a period, I was excited about all the places we could possibly be going! Eventually, the bus rolled up to a large building… Staring out the windows into the venue, I realized we had arrived at the Greg Frewin Theatre in Niagara Falls! For those of you who are unfamiliar, Greg Frewin is one of America’s top magicians, who settled in NiagaraGreg Frewin magic shop Falls to preform nightly dinner/magic shows! The food served at the theatre was set up buffet style, and I must say I slightly wished I didn’t have to be strutting my stuff in a bikini in two short days! The food variety ranged from hot and cold salads, to fried potatoes drizzled with a cream sauce, grilled eggplants, peppers & other vegetables, fish, chicken (with a fresh chunky mango and pineapple salsa), fall-off-the-bone roast beef, as well as a wide array of fresh fruits and desserts! The level of temptation to go back for a second, third and fourth plate was definitely high that night. As we ate, the magic show began! It was relatable to a show you’d see on the Las Vegas strip, as Greg escaped a straight jacket while encountering a dangerous situation, made a car (as well as tigers and doves) appear from absolutely nowhere in the middle of the stage, and called upon random members of the audience to be a part of his show. During intermission and after the show, guests were able to check out the magic shop located in the south end of the venue, and select from a wide array of merchandise to buy if they desired!

Following the show, my favourite part of the night began. Our busses dove through downtown Niagara Falls, and it was lit up like a big-city skyline… So beautiful. TheNiagara Fallsn, for ten minutes, we got to visit the Falls. I must say, it was an absolutely amazing event, and I’m so thrilled to have experienced it with so many other wonderful individuals. It was my first time at Niagara Falls, and it was definitely something I’ll remember forever! Until visiting, it was never an attraction I had desired to see. Once viewing it in person however, I was undoubtedly shocked that I never considered the falls as something beautiful to see. Though we had to leave before the fireworks started at 10pm, it was definitely something I’d come back and visit for.

Day four of Toronto was absolutely exhausting, but I had a great time! Snoozing on the bus ride back to the hotel was definitely a must. Stay tuned for my next blog post, which will be discussing today, day number five of Nationals!

Until then lovelies,


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