My first event as Miss Teenage Manitoba 2017 was Pawshpalooza in support of D’Arcy’s ARC (Animal Rescue Centre). D’Arcy’s ARC is dedicated to helping cats and dogs who are homeless or have been abandoned, abused or neglected. They give them the proper veterinary assistance they need and provide them with a safe and comfortable living environment until they find their forever home.

I got the opportunity to walk my dog Goldie down a runway at the RBC Convention Centre, along with other models who walked their dogs down the runway as well. All of the models and dogs were dressed in beautiful outfits. There were dogs dressed in firefighter outfits, dresses, tutus, and much more. I was wearing the gown I wore at the Miss Teenage Manitoba pageant, along with my crown and sash. My mom and I thought it would be a great idea to put Goldie in a crown and sash as well, so we went out and bought her a sash that said “Class of 2017” and an adorable tiara. She also wore a pink fluffy tutu. Goldie and I also got the privilege of going on CTV Morning Live to help promote Pawshpalooza.

When I got up on the stage at Pawshpalooza I saw the smiling faces of the audience and my family who were there to support me. I couldn’t stop smiling. I was so proud to be part of such an amazing event in support of such a good cause. As an animal lover, I strongly believe that every animal should have a safe and comfortable place to call home and have access to the proper veterinary care that they need. Thanks to this event, we helped raise money to support D’Arcy’s ARC to continue to provide this care for these animals. 

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