I can’t believe Toronto is only 2 days away! It seemed like just yesterday that I received my title at the provincial pageant. I’m so excited to meet all of my pageant sisters and make so many memories.

I got the privilege of meeting up with Ashley Kaboha from Kaboha photography and she did a beautiful photo shoot of me. We decided to start off with a very natural look at the Trappist Monastery here in Winnipeg. We took some pictures in this beautiful, sunset-lit room in the ruins. She did my hair and created a headband out of rope and some leaves that she found. It was magical.

The next location we went to was the Forks in Winnipeg. We wanted a very night city look, so we darkened my makeup and took some pictures in front of the Human Rights Museum. I had a big group of teenagers run over to me wanting a picture, so we all took a big group photo.

Ashley’s dad, Don Moore, is a videographer who decided to come along and take some shots of Ashley and I doing the photo shoot. He put together an amazing video for me!

My experience with Ashley Kaboha and her dad Don Moore was so special for me. It was my first official photo shoot as Miss Teenage Manitoba 2017 and they by far exceeded all my expectations of what it would be. They are both extremely creative and talented individuals with kind hearts, and they work hard! I highly recommend them if you ever need a film created or a photo shoot done. Thank you Ashley and Don for all of your support on my journey to Miss Teenage Canada and for doing this photo shoot for me. You guys are fantastic!


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