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Wow, I can’t believe the time has come where I actually have to write this post. I’ve been dreading to do so and it’s taken about a week or so for me to actually sit down and write.  Can you believe it’s been a year already? But I got a pleasure to meet this year’s delegates and am so happy all the girls made it to nationals! I hope they all have as much fun as myself and all the other girls did. I want to extend another congratulations to this year’s Miss Teenage Manitoba 2017, Genavieve Greene! She’ll be taking over this blog after this post, I know it’s sad but she will be amazing! I wish you the best of luck Genavieve and I hope you have the best year!

Anyways, this past year was truly a blessing and I wouldn’t replace it for the world. Being apart of this was a dream I had ever since I was a little girl and I didn’t even fathom to think it would ever come true especially this year. I know it’s cliche but if you asked me last year that I would be able to be Miss Teenage Manitoba, I’d think you’re crazy!

People I would like to thank for this year especially for helping me are:

  • CKJS 810 AM for my first radio interview – Kuya Chester, Tito Lito, Ate Lucille, Ate Donna, Ate Ayen, and Kuya Maui
  • DKF Fashions – Ate Ska for all of your support and the gowns you provided me at nationals!
  • Filipino Express – Kuya Rey-Ar, Filipino Journal – Tito Rod Contiveros, Artista – Tito Ley Navarro
  • And the rest of the Filipino Community such as QPAM, MaCCFA, Bulacan Association – Lola Clarita, Manitoba Filipino Street Festival – Tita Aida and many others!

Thank you all so much for the support you’ve given and those who I never got to mention, everyone of you impacted my life so much in someway  through my whole year. I wouldn’t be here without you all! I’m incredibly thankful for meeting all the people I did and those who stood beside me through it all!

Before I go I wanted to share my speech that I gave on my final night, I won’t deny that it got me emotional but if you put so much of yourself into something, it will be hard to let it go. But I know this isn’t the end for me but an end of a chapter in my life that I will always look back to and it’s also the start of a new chapter in my life that I can’t wait to write about. I hope this won’t be the last time you hear from me because I will truly miss this! If you want to go back on my journey in detail please head to my FB page – Miss Teenage Manitoba 2016 Denisse Samaniego – where I updated that a quite more of all the activities I did! Thank you again, here is my final speech I gave;

“Being apart of the Miss Teenage Manitoba pageant was truly a blessing for me. Never would have I thought that I would be standing here about to pass on the crown to the next lucky girl that will wear the Miss Teenage Manitoba 2017 sash. It was not only such an honor and a privilege to represent Manitoba alongside with the other beautiful girls but it is a great responsibility. Being Miss Teenage Manitoba was so much more than just winning a pageant but it was a chance for you to be role model for the youth and to reach out and help your community in so many causes. You don’t realize what big of an impact you can make until you can make a little girl smile by taking a picture with them with your crown and sash. They truly look up to you but not just for the glamour of the title of being a Miss Teen, but also the work you put in. For myself, my platform was promoting education about mental health in schools. As a future educator this was something important to me and to my future students. Mental health and illnesses are not often talked about in schools until something tragic happens. I wanted to help open up the topic and start the conversations to eliminate the stigma there is behind mental illnesses. Throughout this year I was able to work with a Winnipeg-based youth group that is now a non-profit organization called Peace of Mind 204 that holds events every year that allow highschool students all over the province to come together and to talk and learn about mental health. By having this platform I was blessed to be given, I was able to reach out to students and people I would other wise have a harder time to reach such as our Mayor Brian Bowman that I had a pleasure to meet. I also went to the legislative building and met with the MLA Nic Curry to discuss a bill that we can pass to having more mental health education in schools. Other than being able to work on my platform, I was blessed with a lot of memories I’ll cherish forever. From events such as WE Day, The Pride Parade, Kids Fest, and The Princess Ball for Cystic Fibrosis, to making friendships that will last for a lifetime. Not only did I get to meet beautiful girls here in Manitoba but girls from all over the country from Nationals. I get to say I have a friend in every province and I look forward to seeing them again if I ever get to visit that province! Being Miss Teenage Manitoba or even being a finalist to go to nationals can be so much fun but takes a lot of work if you want it to be worth while and memorable! I wouldn’t be able to have this great of a year without the people I’ve met and worked with along the way that helped me get to where I am now. I want to thank all the organizations and charities I got to work with this year that helped me open my eyes to such worthy causes and encouraged me more to help out in my community in every way I can. I’d also like to thank all the sponsors I had along the way and people that helped get me to nationals and fundraise money for Free the Children and Fort Mcmurray. I would also like to thank Vu and Yen from LA Collection Bridal Salon for providing me with this beautiful gown to wear this evening and all the support they have given me this year. You truly are amazing and I can’t thank you enough! I would also like to thank the Filipino community here that showed me so much support and encouragement throughout my reign. To the Miss Teenage Canada Organization Michelle, Ryan, and Christi who make this whole pageant possible and for making sure all the girls are safe and have such a fun memorable experience! To my mentor and friends such as Courtney who helped me gain my confidence throughout the pageant and always encouraged me even when I was doubting myself. To my other mentors Tito Joy and Tito Mon, who are like my second parents who taught me so much things that I now bring with me with everything I do. And lastly to Kamal, Danielle, all my family and friends, and especially my lovely parents for all your never-ending support and love in everything I do. You guys are my rock and I wouldn’t be who I am today without you. And to the next Miss Teenage Manitoba, enjoy your reign and live it to the fullest. Make sure in your reign, you will stay true to yourself and represent Manitoba with pride. Fasten your seat belt because you’re in for a year of your life and you should enjoy every moment of it! At the end of your reign you will have grown in perspective, maturity, and confidence. I know you’ll be amazing! Thank you.”

(Photos by Visual Souls Studio – Mike Osikoya, Makeup – Dana Atkins, Hair – Jill Hadfield)

Remember to always chase your dreams, no matter how big it is, if you work hard enough for it you’ll reach it. Embrace your whole life to the fullest and never take anything for granted! Love everyone and treat everyone with respect, good things will come!

So for one last time…

Love always and God Bless,

Denisse Samaniego

Miss Teenage Manitoba 2016

Written by: Denisse
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