HeRehearsal  ready!llloooo from Toronto ladies and gentlemen! Today was a busy day, but definitely a fun one. The morning started off with breakfast, followed by rehearsals for the final show. With a water bottle in hand, I made my way up to the rehearsal room for a long day of (fun) work. With 82 delegates competing for the crown this year, there’s a lot of people to choreograph! Luckily we were able to dress in comfortable clothes, and meet the fabulous Shawn Cuffie, choreographer of the Miss Teenage Canada pageant once again this year! For those of you who are unfamiliar with pageants, there are multiple walks that are necessary to learn, as well as (typically) two opening number dances per competition. To begin, all delegates were taught “pageant stance”, meaning that your back foot faces “2 o’clock”, while your front foot faces “12 o’clock” (directly in front of your back foot’s toes). From there, you’d transfer your weight onto you back leg, pop your front knee, and BAM! You’ve learned the pageant stance. From there, we were taught turns, our evening gown parade, as well as Top 10 choreography. After lunch, we began learning our routine for the opening number dance. I won’t say too much about it at this moment, but I will tell you that it’s a remix, upbeat, and definitely something you’ll want to dance along to! Stay tuned for Thursday’s blog post, as I may reveal some more information about it and our swimsuit number following our second choreography session.

Around 5pm we headed to our rooms, and began getting ready for our evening out. Until walking mtctoday, all of the delegates had not stepped a foot outside since checking into our hotel rooms on Sunday afternoon… You could imagine how excited we were when we were told that we’d be going out for supper! The five minute walk from the hotel to supper was absolutely lovely, as the fresh air was definitely welcomed. On top of that, I loved seeing people driving by slowing almost to halt on the busy main road, simply to see what 82 girls wearing crowns could possibly be doing in the middle of Toronto!

For supper, we ate at Lone Star Texas Grill. As I work two serving jobs, I understand what a hassle large parties could be at times, so I must applaud the staff for their fast, friendly, and efficient service throughout the night! As we sat down, a bowl of tortilla chips and homemade salsa was placed on the table. As “chip refills” were free, let me tell you that some of the pageant ladies definitely took advantage of it! FoLONE STAR GRILLllowing this, we were brought sour cream, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, tomato-cumin rice & soft, warm tortillas to our tables. After a long day of dancing in rehearsals, we couldn’t be more excited when we heard that sizzling chicken and steak fajita mix would soon be on the way! I couldn’t be happier with the company I enjoyed throughout supper. Starting from the left, I shared a table with Vienna (Manitoba), Jerica (Ontario), myself, Kelsey (Saskatchewan), Gracie (Saskatchewan, and also my roommate) as well as Sienna (British Columbia). Getting to know so many amazing people from across the country has been a fantastic experience so far, and I look forward to what the rest of the week brings!

As the evening concluded, we said our goodbyes to the staff at Lone Star Texas Grill and made our way back outside. Before doing roll-call (where each delegate hollers their assigned number when their turn comes in line, just to make sure we always have everyone), I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to get a photo with this year’s Miss Teenage Canada, Francesca McFadden. Here’s an interesting fact you may not have known:

Francesca (Cheskie) and I have already known each other for three years!

Yes, she’s from Ontario and I’m from Manitoba, so you may be wondering how. Her and I actually competed together at Miss Teen Canada-World in 2012. It was so exciting to see aMTC Queens past fellow delegate of mine come back a second time and win her provincial pageant, followed by the National one as well! Francesca joining Miss Teenage Canada again and winning Nationals was one of the things that convinced me to come back and compete. She proved that, even if you fail the first time, working hard to achieve your desired dreams/goals is something truly important, that can benefit you greatly in the long run! I  am a passionate believer in fighting for what you want to achieve in life, and I want to achieve the title of Miss Teenage Canada. I have so much passion, and so much I plan on accomplishing when I’m crowned. I have made a huge transformation in my physical & mental fitness since the first time I competed, and plan to keep working on them both all the way up to the international Miss Teenage World competition! The title of Miss Teenage Canada would truly be a blessing, which is why I hope to follow in Francesca’s footsteps, and wear the 2015 sash in five short days!

After our walk back to the hotel, we headed to our rooms and got ready for bed. As tomorrow is an early morning (that’s all we’ve been told, as the activities are being kept a surprise), the chaperones wanted us to get a good night’s sleep for the eventful day ahead of us!

I can’t wait to fill you in on all of tomorrow’s adventures.

Until then,


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