Good evening everyone! Yesterday was Day 4 in Toronto, and personally I think it was the best day yet. As many of my readers already know, travelling is a huge part of my life. 2015-08-05 08.38.37I view every place I visit as an opportunity to experience something new! Sightseeing throughout Toronto today was definitely something I enjoyed.
The morning started off bright and early, as Gracie & I woke up at 6:50am, out the door and ready to be loaded onto the bus by 7:30. After a quick 15 minute bus ride, the 81 other delegates and I arrived at Egglicious Cafe, an all day breakfast diner! Swapping out crowns for our Miss Teenage Canada hats today, I walked into the small establishment amongst a sea of pink… There were so many delegates that we filled the whole restaurant! After a lovely breakfast of hashbrowns, grilled vegetables and eggs we headed back onto the bus and made our way to Port Credit Pier!

Port Credit Pier is an absolutely beautiful area where boats could dock and launch from. Icredit pier couldn’t resist taking a picture with the beautiful, blue, Credit River water behind me! Following this, we traveled to an open space in a nearby park, where all 82 of us lined up in rows and watched as Marc Gagnon (one of chaperones for the trip) taught us our swimsuit runway choreography! Being able to work the “runway” out in the fresh air was fantastic, and the people walking by who paused to catch a glimpse of our rehearsal was good practice, as come preliminaries on Friday night we’ll all be showing off to a crowd much bigger than that!

Next, the Miss Teenage Canada delegates boarded the bus and drove to the Mississauga Canoe Club, the place of our 3rd destination! The evening before, delegates were told to bring swimsuits, casual clothes and our hats, because we might be getting wet! After hours upon hours of debate, the plan was finally revealed to us… Miss Teenage Canada 2015 delegates were going to learn how to dragon boat! For those of you who don’t know, dragon boating is a human-powered watercraft, that usually holds 20 paddlers in a long, slim boat. In addition, there’s a drummer to keep beat and yell out when the team should Dragon Boatingrow together (on the count of “1, 2, 3, 4”) plus a team member called the “Cox”, who stands at the back of the boat and steers in the direction their team is required to go.
Fun fact: A dragon boat is a boat of traditional Chinese design. They’re given their name due to the fact that these boats are usually decorated to resemble dragons! After being given a quick lesson, 21 of us at a time took off onto Credit River for a wonderful hour of dragon boating. This was something I had never done before, but since experiencing it would definitely take the opportunity to try it out again! A barbecue for the delegates and opportunity to relax in the sun after boating was the perfect afternoon for me.

Following our trip to the Mississauga Canoe Club, we boarded our respective busses and were told to settle in for an hour and a half bus ride… Thogh I usually don’t like being in loud, moving vehicles for that long of a period, I was excited about all the places we could possibly be going! Eventually, the bus rolled up to a large building… Staring out the windows into the venue, I realized we had arrived at the Greg Frewin Theatre in Niagara Falls! For those of you who are unfamiliar, Greg Frewin is one of America’s top magicians, who settled in NiagaraGreg Frewin magic shop Falls to preform nightly dinner/magic shows! The food served at the theatre was set up buffet style, and I must say I slightly wished I didn’t have to be strutting my stuff in a bikini in two short days! The food variety ranged from hot and cold salads, to fried potatoes drizzled with a cream sauce, grilled eggplants, peppers & other vegetables, fish, chicken (with a fresh chunky mango and pineapple salsa), fall-off-the-bone roast beef, as well as a wide array of fresh fruits and desserts! The level of temptation to go back for a second, third and fourth plate was definitely high that night. As we ate, the magic show began! It was relatable to a show you’d see on the Las Vegas strip, as Greg escaped a straight jacket while encountering a dangerous situation, made a car (as well as tigers and doves) appear from absolutely nowhere in the middle of the stage, and called upon random members of the audience to be a part of his show. During intermission and after the show, guests were able to check out the magic shop located in the south end of the venue, and select from a wide array of merchandise to buy if they desired!

Following the show, my favourite part of the night began. Our busses dove through downtown Niagara Falls, and it was lit up like a big-city skyline… So beautiful. TheNiagara Fallsn, for ten minutes, we got to visit the Falls. I must say, it was an absolutely amazing event, and I’m so thrilled to have experienced it with so many other wonderful individuals. It was my first time at Niagara Falls, and it was definitely something I’ll remember forever! Until visiting, it was never an attraction I had desired to see. Once viewing it in person however, I was undoubtedly shocked that I never considered the falls as something beautiful to see. Though we had to leave before the fireworks started at 10pm, it was definitely something I’d come back and visit for.

Day four of Toronto was absolutely exhausting, but I had a great time! Snoozing on the bus ride back to the hotel was definitely a must. Stay tuned for my next blog post, which will be discussing today, day number five of Nationals!

Until then lovelies,


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