Happy Saturday everyone! I hope each and every one of my reader’s is having a fabulous Lion Encounterstart to their weekend. The past two days of Nationals have been full of fun events, but definitely busy. On Thursday, the Miss Teenage Canada delegates were treated to a surprise at the Bowmanville Zoological Park, as we received a close encounter experience with the zoo’s two newest cubs, a lion and tiger whom were both under 6 months of age! It was absolutely amazing to see these animals interact with one another, as well as being given the chance to interact with them. Afterwards I had a ring-tailed lemur jump from the zookeeper’s shoulder onto my own… Definitely a lot of fun!

After exploring the zoo for an hour, we loaded back onto the bus and headed to the Toronto Eaton Centre for lunch. The 2015 Miss Teenage Canada delegates were treated to a fresh, fantastic lunch, supplied by the Ritchtree MarketToronto Sign Taco Truck… I had the chicken tacos, and they were fantastic! Following this, a group of the girls were selected to do a promo for the Miss Teenage Canada video advertisement. As one of the two girls that went from Manitoba, the group of us walked through the underground tunnel of the Eaton Centre and eventually came up right near the “Toronto” sign that was advertised throughout this year’s PanAm Games! It was fun to be outside and take photos with my fellow delegates.

YorkdaleAfter leaving the Toronto Eaton Centre, the two busses filled of Miss Teenage Canada delegates headed to our next destination… Yorkdale Mall! Each delegate was generously given a $10 gift card to Yorkdale Mall, as well as a VIP shopping experience card. As there is so many delegates in the pageant this year, a mall sponsor of any kind is greatly appreciated! I enjoyed browsing through stores such as Top Shop and Zara, since we don’t have these located in Winnipeg.

The running around done at the mall caused all of us delegates to develop an appetite once more… As the bus rolled up to Medieval Times, I was excited for a new experience. Medieval Times is dinner and a show, where you’re taken back to the 15th century. All of the staff is dressed in medieval clothing, including people who are dressed as kings, queens, knights, jesters, and servants. As youmedieval enter the “competition ring” and take your seat, knights on horses ride into the stadium and follow a storyline as they begin duelling each other swords, shields, and other medieval weapons. Throughout the show, “servants” serve you food… The catch? People in medieval times didn’t use cutlery, so we couldn’t either! The four courses served were all eaten without utensils. Soup was sipped from the bowl, chicken, potatoes and corn were eaten with your hands, and dessert? You got it! Eaten with your hands. The show was quite interesting, and though it wasn’t something I ever had desired to see before, the experience was enjoyable and something I’d definitely recommend for family fun or birthday parties.

Following our trip to Medieval Times, it was back to the hotel we went. We were all thrilled to hear we were able to sleep in until 9am the next morning, which is definitely considered “sleeping in” during pageant week! We needed the rest, as the following evening was preliminaries.

The hours leading up to prelims was jam-packed with activities! Swimsuits were being fitted, shoes were being fixed, rehearsals were being done, and hair and makeup was being completed. For those of you who had always wondered how the Top 20 are determined, it’s a variety of things leading up to finals night. Your attitude, charitable contributions, blogging, platform reprPrelimsesentation, as well as your evening gown and swimsuit score from preliminaries night are all taken into account… In other words, prelims are a big deal! The evening began with swimwear, and boy was it fun. I attempted to gather ll of the Manitoban representatives for a photo beforehand… Though we missed two of the gals, I was so proud of the work we had all put into our fitness in order to get the bodies the way we were on the night of preliminaries! Following swimwear, we moved into the evening gown segment of the show.  This was my favourite part of the evening, as I got to see everyone’s evening gowns for the first time. I always find it so interesting to see the wide variety of gowns selected, that all represent a person’s personality and style! After my graceful evening walk, it was time to change and eat some supper. As it was 11:30pm, I was definitely ready for food and bed!

Day five and six of Nationals were tiring, but definitely enjoyable and memorable experiences!  I cannot wait to see what the next few days bring me.

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