MyOUTH project.

This can be read in two ways as “my youth,” or “mouth.” My youth stands for mental health in youth, mouth stands for talking and beginning the discussion on mental health.
This is the logo for my mental health campaign.

The colours on the logo I chose for a specific reason each!
Colour can be used to help influence well being.

Red: promotes ,energy, strength, motivation, confidence, will power and courage. It is good for depression, negativity,and shyness.

Yellow: promotes uplifting, cleansing, self respect, and confidence. It is good for depression, despair, fatigue, negativity, sensitivity,and lack of confidence.

Blue: promotes calm, peace, relaxation, it is good for insomnia stress anxiety over excitement and anger.

My campaign is raising awareness for youth mental health, start the conversation, and tackle the stigma. I will educate youth on help that is out there, in a non judgemental safe environment, as well as it is ok to seek help.

let’s start by talking 

Written by: Kate
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